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Abu dhabi big ticket vs dubai airport's millennium millionaire.

Abu dhabi big ticket vs dubai airport's millennium millionaire.

Dubai is a city of big dreams, lead by visionary leadership, this city provides safety security and peace of mind. It's a land of opportunity, for those who seek it. That's been said you will get hundreds of chances to win big bucks whether it's solid gold or lovely cash.

You will get verity of options to be a millionaire, you may deposit in different banks to get lucky such as :


If you don't have a large sum to deposit & wait to be lucky, you can try other options such as buying monthly draw ticket, such as Big Ticket from Abu Dhabi Airport millionaire tickets, or from Dubai Airport Millennium Millionaire on the counter or online.

Being in Dubai UAE for more than a decade I often participate in those lucky draws including Dubai summer surprise which they sell at many petrol stations.

Create Group

My two friends and I form a group and every month we chip in equal amount & buy the ticket, we are doing this for years, we haven't been lucky yet :), we bought tickets from Big Ticket and Dubai MM.

I feel buying the ticket online or over the counter is the same for both organizers with one difference if you buy a ticket online from Dubai MM they will charge you 50 AED as VAT (1 entry in total), and if you buy a ticket from Big-ticket you don't have to pay VAT plus you get one extra draw entry(3 entries in total)

Open & transparent

Dubai MM is not very open or transparent in how they do those draws, sometimes they send just draw dates and time in an email, nowadays they started some social media interaction for draw dates but still no online telecast of the event, or I haven't seen much yet.

Big-ticket is more open, they are doing like a big game show with lots of social media information, they do each draw live on facebook and I guess even on youtube.

Try your luck

If you want to try your luck, buy such tickets and forget about the money you are spending on it, I consider that amount as fix fee, or some fine which you have to pay, or your car's monthly petrol expenses. This way you won't feel bad even if you didn't win :). However, just imagine if you got lucky and win it will be a life-changer event.

Remember! if you participate you are increasing your chances of being a millionaire.

This is just my general observation, your opinion will be completely different and I do respect it.

Happy New year 2020 🙂